Any girls want a descent guy?

Seriously wtf!!!!
i was born like 30 years late or something lol!
i can't deal with these girls its really just gross, i get it, have sex have fun, but really dont just have sex with anyone!
The biggest scumbag i know just banged this girl i know, and i am just upset, cause were kind of dating
i knew i should have been an asshole from the start, i hate being a good guy it really sucks
from now i am just gonna treat women like objects cause thats aparently what they want

I seriously can't look at her
this guy has kids on fucking child support and is a sex offender
This is also not an isolated incident in my dating life either,
i am a descent guy, i like girls who have some self respect, like i get it be free, but can you have some damn standards!

so girls are any of you descent and looking for a descent guy!?
really losing hope for humaity

i thought after college girls might actually develop standards but i guess not at 23 years old i still feel like i expect too much from them


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  • There's decent guys like you out there that's awesome my advice join okcupid. I met my boyfriend on there its great you can weed out the crazy party girls and pick what you want in a match or you can just say your looking for friends too. Okcupid best decision i ever made was downloading it and messaging my boyfriend. Good luck


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  • 23? You're still young (ironic coming from a younger person) As they say patience is a virtue. There a girl out there waiting for you so just wait. I would consider finding a new crowd to hang with in the meanwhile and find women who actually have respect for themselves.
    I for one like a decent guy, I have had plenty of those "bad" boys enough to make me gag at the site of them. Keep your head high and have patience.
    Best of luck ^_^ b

    • aww man, hopefully you will meet a descent man when you get to around my age
      i am looking for a long term deal now, its really testing my patience
      I know it goes both ways too like guys being scumbags and girls being permiscuous but i just want to find healthy normal girl who i can treat right and she will appreciate that

  • Yeah, preferably one that can spell

    • i wasn't really focusing on the grammar, and i am not the brightest guy, but i work hard and i care about the woman i am with
      that used to be worth something

  • Ugh same here!

    • Guys are just as guilty here! it works both ways i know that
      i just really get let down, i think i kind of see the best in every girl i date
      i thought she was different
      big mistake!

What Guys Said 3

  • Nah girls want elevated guys, descent guys are for losers. Also , that's not how you look for girls lol and OOOH THE humaity

    • well i am not wealthy, not super handsome, and really not the brightest guy
      but i am clean, healthy and work hard, thats what i meant by descent
      i try my best

      oh and i am not looking for girls on this website! i am just checking to see if they are all just oblivious to standards and decency

  • Yeah, my ideal would be to find a girl who's never slept with anyone. In fact, I'd like to save that for marriage (ideally). Because I believe in chastity and purity, but that'd be just having really high standards and being a judgmental prick. I'd like a woman that's modest, but feminism says f that... women will display their body however they please. And 'slut-shaming' someone? Shame on you!!! Promiscuity is a sign of autonomy and sheer confidence. Notice I'm aware about the double standards; however, I do not respect man-whores either. It's the same both ways, women just get burned for it much harsher. I do hope I can find someone like-minded.

    • yeah, i agree, but i dont expect the girl to be a virgin
      i just expect her to understand she is worth something and to share her body with a good man
      not some scumbag

  • You need to find a new circle of people. There are plenty of really high quality women.

    • its kind of hard, i am not the wealthiest, brightest or best looking guy
      i am an average Joe, My name is literally Joe!
      I guess what i want is an avg girl, maybe avg girls are like this now I don't know man

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