We argued last 5 nights and I think I said things that might hurt her. I'm trying to fix things. I need some advices. Any thoughts?

Here's the situation. We're distanced and I'm planning to set a flight but she doesn't want to because her parents was just to strict and she's still not on the legal age she said "we will still meet but not for now, you can't understand a thing. It sounded rude for me and I said "You should tell me that's the reason, I really dont know. Why do you talked like that? Okay, you're now intelligent and I'm the one who can't understand. I won't waste time on a person like you and she replied intensely. She said "if you're wrong on your expectation on me its ok I will never change to give a satisfaction of a person. Be careful on what you are saying. Okay, dont waste time talking to me and I replied I will not continue to argue I dont want to make it worse. After 3 days I'm calling her on her phone but she's not answering at. I text her, I'm apologizing and begging her to talk about what happened last 3 nights and fix things and she said "Not for now". So I'm giving her a space for 1 week. I admit that I was wrong I really wanted to fix things.


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  • Just give her some space to get over things. And then be more careful about what you say from now on.

    • Thank you so much. I really regret it.

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    • It is, as long as you realize that it will take some time, and let her know that you are sorry for what you said and that it won't happen again. Then don't let it happen again and you'll be fine.

    • Thanks. I'm so worried

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