Do you think this girl/my friend likes me?

I've known this girl since middle school. We have always been friends though we have a hard time staying in touch, talking for a month or two at a time, hanging out, talking a little more than going our separate ways for a year, then repeat. A few years ago during senior year we started talking, and I ended up hanging out with her at her house. I sat across from her at her kitchen table while we were talking to her mom in the other room and she rubbed my leg up and down with her foot for 10/15 minutes. Fast forward an hour or so, we're sitting on her bed with our backs against the wall cuddling, holding hands, her running her other hand through my hair while my head was on her shoulder. It was great. But shortly after, we stopped talking. Also during this time there was times in texts where she said "I love you", "I'm so in love with you" It's been two years since that and she recently tweeted an old pic of is and her friend saying hey. Today I told her I miss her on Twitter and her response was "I miss you too, (friend in the picture she tweeted) and I were just talking about how we should hang more than one time every two years. So now, I'm just wondering, if she wants to hang out, is there a chance she still has feelings for me? I mean she went all this time without making a serious attempt at hanging out, and she only had one boyfriend in the past two years for a month or so, so that's not the reason. I have a feeling she thinks I'm a very special person to her, and I kind of feel like she's liked me for a long time. What do I do if we hang out? Thanks!


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    2. let her lead until you think she's choking, if she does want you, and if that happens, then you be the one to start the pinball game in motion. That'll probably either be with a word or a touch.


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