Guys, what dose he mean?

I have been dating/living this guy for the last 6moths and he said " I need time to clean my head to make sure you are the right one for me. But I need to be a lone can you go to your friends but you can stay here too. ( I have friends that live 5 hours away ) . We have talk about getting married is that why he need to clean his mind or he is trying to breakup with me ? What dose he mean by that ?!?


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  • Without more information, it's really hard to tell.

    However, my gut tells me he's thinking of breaking up with you, and that because he does care about you, he's trying to soften the blow by saying he "needs to clear his head to make sure you are the right one," so that you are more prepared for when he does break up with you.

    Keep us posted, good luck.

    • Your gut was right I have not heard from in 3 days !! Thanks your giving me a heads up ! I could have rather him be up front and Honest with me now I have to drive 5. To get all my stuff

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  • He just needs to clear his mind and think if this is something he really wants to do. He's not going to break up with you, unless I am quite mistaken.

    I hate to call you a distraction, but you being around him so much is influencing his decision, he just wants to be alone for a while.

    Just my 2 cents

  • Its not a good sign


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