Did he ask this out of jealousy?

I went on a date last night and this guy and I were kissing late. I had gotten a few texts from my mom during the evening and I told him this.

Around 2 am one friend texted me and I looked at my phone. The guy said "Is it your mom again?" and I said no. I told him it was friend, who had texted and he said "Sending a text that late?" and he went quiet.

Why would he ask me why someone sent me a text that late?


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  • I keep my phone on silent, usually, at night so I'm not disturbed. If friends have something urgent at night they know how to contact me by other means. I get several texts each week late at night. It's nothing new for most people, especially at weekends. My guess is that when he heard that one wasn't from your mum, he thought it might be from some other guy. Was it? Or was it from a lady friend? If it was from a lady friend, and it contained nothing personal, you could have shown him the text and said, "What's she doing texting me this time of night?" That would perhaps have put his mind at rest. If you meet this guy again, show him the text, with the time. It might help.


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  • Yes, I believe, that now that you both are doing some Smooching, he may feel he has some territorial rights and some thoughts on the sore subject of This------Sending a text that late?
    Keep an eye on any other Remarks he may make in the near future, and if you find he is getting even more in store with Tough turf tongue to you, set him straight that you both are just... on a date.
    Good luck. xx


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  • just out of curiosity maybe?


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  • 2 am texts usually are either booty calls or friends with insomnia. I'm sure the first thing he thought of was booty call.


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