Why is he lying about this?

Okay so this guy I've been seeing for a little under a month now seems to keep lying about the weirdest things to lie about! Mind you I know he's lying, the things he tells me don't add up and then there's the physical proof. Lol anyways last weekend he told me he was going to Tahoe to go see his brother who's wife left out of town for a couple days. Well he's texted me before when we first met when he went to Tahoe, then all of a sudden he "might not have service" this time around, but he called me on the drive there. Anyways, I had a funny feeling that he really went to go visit he ex girlfriend who lives in Burbank. Guess who just found a recite on the floor from Burbank from the day he came back home. Hahaha why is he lying about this? Were not together, and I'm completely open with him and the people I see And date and talk to. Why is he lying to me? Haha I feel like I know what you guys are gunna say.


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  • If you feel like you know what guys are going to say, than you should already know why he is lying to you. in my opinion, he still has feelings for you and doesn't want to rub it in your face he is visiting an ex... but it appears you really dont care about his feelings since you give him the play by play of what new guy your seeing

    • Well he's been lying to me about little things since I met him and I told him we need to be straight up honest about these things. I'm only trying to show him it's okay to be honest. Plus I've told him I wanted to be exclusive with him and he shrugged it off. So if he doesn't want to be with me why is he lying about things with her lol

    • maybe he hasn't grown up yet than... sounds like your dealing with a little boy

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  • LMAO. You should ask him. I hope it's not because he thinks he wants to play you and have two girls to fool around with.

    • Hahaha girl you know I called his ass out. He eventually admitted to me about the whole trip but not before he through in more lies.
      I told him it was nice knowing him hahaha

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