How should I tell my mum?

I've met this guy online a few months ago through my best friend; we've met a few times and we both discovered we have a lot in common. At first I was really wary and stand off-ish, but now I've really grown to like him and we're now going out. However, how should I tell my mum? When she checked out his Facebook profile when we first started talking she started commenting saying he looks older than his actual age etc. (It was the first thing I checked too and confirmed his age; Im 19, he's 21). But my mum has been pressuring me into getting a boyfriend for well over a year now, saying its not normal that I've never been interested etc. She keeps saying she'll set he up on a blind date, or set me up with her friends lad who is the same age as me, and recently after discovering my best friend has been in a relationship fir 5-6 months, I got really excited and my mum told me I need to get a life. (Horses are my life and I'm pretty shy, i don't go clubbing or get drunk etc). She keeps asking questions almost daily now as to why I've never been interested, I don't want to hide it from her that I've finally found someone I really like as me and my mum are really close. I just don't know how to tell her, I just feel really pressured..


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  • Say "Fuck it" and follow your heart.


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