Did I dodge a bullet?

My ex and I broke up 7 months ago. We started having problems a year ago where she was concerned about our future. Mostly I didn't propose to her (after 2 years together) and wasn't sure I was going to commit. She didn't see "signs" of it either like me trying with trips and what not. Last summer I found out she was cheating on me with a guy, staying out late, etc. I confronted her about it. A few months later we broke up.

She moved in with him after the break up, and is now engaged to him (he has 2 kids from another marriage). It's been really difficult. We were really compatible and had a lot going on together, except this thing was a major issue we didn't get through.

I've already been moving on, dating girls, trying new hobbies, traveling, etc. The new girls I meet, I just get a sense I am not meeting the right people or maybe I found lightening in a bottle with her. She was very into me and girls today are too busy with careers/other things.

Did I dodge a bullet?
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  • You dodged that almost entirely. It may have nicked you in the head a bit when you think you're completely compatible. She cheated, I myself would never see that as compatiblity, that is more of adaptability, which is never good when it causes another person to be placed in the relationship. You sir, are better off and have got a future to look forward to, hold tight to your goals and choose to succeed, then maybe someone worthy of you and you partners time will finally come along.

    Good luck my friend

    • She got married to him a week ago. It's really affected me.

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    • Thanks man for sharing that story. I felt really happy with her and not sure why I didn't get engaged to her. We were really compatible. I know she really loved me. To be honest, I was at my best. She helped and encourage me to get on an awesome career-track. I wouldn't have the job I do now without her. But she didn't get an indication on the future and that's where she left.

      I had a feeling something that I could be replaced while we were together. I've been dating a lot of women and just don't feel that compatibility.

    • Trust me, it doesn't have to be compatibility. My current girlfriend is almost the exact opposite of me. She's very head strong, insanely intelligent, and little aggressive about everything. In all honesty you don't have to share similar interests to be with someone, hell I'm not a big fan of rap and sometimes find myself staring at her blankly when she gets "white girl crunk" in the driver's seat lol but these are things we learn from.

      Look for someone who enjoys time with you and time we'll spent together. It'll all work out

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  • dude i came here bcz i thought that this story was going to be about some sort of "Matrix" xD But anyway , yeah u did !

    • Haha, funny

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    • nevermind, weird thing

    • ah I see your inactive now :(

  • Yes, you dodged a bullet. She was a cheater. You deserve better.

    • Women on here have been saying that they cheated and later when reconciled, they can't believe they did or would even think about it.

      Do you think that justification is right? Do you think she could cheat on him?

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    • No way to know.

    • No, but then that wouldn't mean I dodged a bullet, right?

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