Once a cheater always a cheater? share your opinion , take the poll?

so about a week ago, I've met a girl , who had a 3 year relationship with some douchebag, who decided it was time to cheat on her and leave her and their 2 yo son for someone else. didn't work out, so douchebag got jealous that she was seeing me.

now they are back together trying again. i hope so badly he cheats on her again, and again and again. she really hurted my feelings. I can't understand why you want someone back that showed the will to walk away from you once. you almost died girl when you gave birth to your child, he should be ashamed. she even told her mom who hates him for treating her daughter like that, that either she accepts him or she loses her daughter. My part in the story is that i only wanted her and not her son, and she had to give this guy another try. WHAT A BS ! i showed more interested in that kid than he will ever do.

anyway once a cheater always a cheater ?
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wow a lot of people vote no, can't believe it. thoughtcatalog. com/dear-darling/2015/02/an-experiment-i-went-back-to-my-cheating-ex-boyfriend-and-this-is-what-happened/ just read her article. i think people who cheat miss the morality to understand that they hurt people that love them. its a psychopathic traith


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  • Most of the times they do end up cheating again. Yet is not always the case but as in to her and this guy... The relationship will not end any time soon for the reason they do have a son together. For parents they always make their hardest attempt to offer a happy family for their son and avoid separation to avoid hurting their kids. So even though they went through some rocky things they will try to move past it for the sake of their family standing. Also, regardless of situations she will always have stronger feelings for her baby daddy than any other guy she has dated for the fact that she chose to have a kid with him exact so the connection will always be there.

    • i partially disagree with you. i know plently of woman who are single moms, who do fine. especially in her situation, she nearly died giving birth, she deserves better. him showing that he is prepared to walk away from her and his obligations concerning his son, should actually be an eye opener to her. there is a broken trust her, and he walked away once without any concerns and he will do it again. yet by her taking him back, she actually tells him, that it was ok, and that she chooses to be his doormat and put herself and her son in a position were they both could end up hurt again. Karma will come around for both of them especially after how she used me, and lied to her own mother that i was a selfish guy who had no interest in her son. there is no greater wish for me to be a father,, to her son and my own children. her mom doesn't believe her anymore and she just used me as a reason to justify going back to him. his jealousy is the foundation for their newly found love for each

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    • At the end of the day, she did extremely wrong by dragging you along in this triangle. If her attempt was to use her for her selfish purposes, trust me she will get hers in return in the nearby future but that you should not worry about. You are young and have a long way ahead of you, girls who you are yet to meet and get to know, girls that don't have any kids or have a situation similar to this one. You need to find someone that is in the same level as life experience to yours if you want to avoid getting hurt.

    • ofcourse she will get hers in return. I dont know what to think anymore. How she bad mouthed me to her mom was just really mean. Her mom really thinks fondly of me and introduced me to her. She would text me, 2 or 3 times a day how she was thinking about me , but at the same time text her mom, how i annoyed her. I think i just played my part without any saying in it. i liked her, and was clear about my affections for her, i kissed her etc... and she just turned it around on me, that i had no interest in her son. thats the cruelest thing she said. especially after she knew i went through a miscarriage with my ex gf. her mom doesn't believe her anymore and will show her what life is like without her, now she has this wonderful guy back in her life. im just really angry about how she used me to get him back, only after he started to show signs of jealousy and hatred towards me. to her these are healhty emotions that will keep their relationship strong. Yes i believe in karma !

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  • I voted "B."

    I don't agree with the notion "Once a (blank), always a (blank)." I would agree most cheaters continue to cheat and don't change but that doesn't mean they will always remain cheaters.

    My uncle cheated on his first wife (with what is now his current wife) and has claimed he hasn't cheated yet. I believe him too. They get along just fine and trust each other. He admitted he made a mistake and he learned from it.

    • cheating is the most selfish act there is, if you dont like someone and you love that person, you at least have the guts to tell them that. could you trust your gf if she cheated on you? or cheated on previous bf 's?> its like going to jail and asking people, ey, who is innocent. they all say they are

    • @ReneDS I disagree on the notion cheating is the MOST selfish act there is. But that's a different argument.

      To answer your question, I would definitely have a hard time trusting a girl who cheated on me but this doesn't mean people can't change. I know not many people do but it does happen.

      I'm sticking with my original claim: I disagree with the "Once a (Blank), always a "Blank") notion. You can't say that about 100% of the population who has cheated before.

    • i agree with you , but gaining someones trust is hard but abusing someones trust is easy. i think it depends on the situation. some people cheat because there partners abused them and they are looking for a way out, or they miss something, but cheating on the mother of your child, just because you like this new girl better. is very low and to me a sign he will do it again.

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  • I do believe once a cheater, always a cheater. But you can't make people see that. You're better off without her. Find someone without so much emotional baggage.

    • true, you can't make them see that. i wrote her the god damn truth on her she should be ashamed to treat me and her own mother like that. she blocked me on social media after that, but there is a letter coming her way. im a bit softer in that letter but its my final piece of mind.

    • Well it's good you got it out. Now it's time to move on. Don't continue to be miserable.

  • Why are you wishing for something like that? Just move on from her.

    • ^^ I agree with this asker, you shouldn't give a damn. They'll learn from their actions eventually

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    • who might learn from it, the cheater or the person that gets cheated on? and what good use it to me, she will come back to me realizing she was wrong? this girl already told me, im not going back to him if thats what you think, he hurted me a lot, he is a douchebag and will always be a douchebag. and were is she now, what a lying... grrrrrrrr i didn't deserve that sh. t

    • I understand that you're angry and sad. And I'm sorry. But, the best thing you could do is forget about her and move on. Otherwise, you're just hurting yourself.

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  • Dude it's 100% true and sometimes when your heart is weak you'll feel this is Bullshit but like i said in some situations your heart will become weak and will betray you... but this statement is very true...

    • thanks. its the lowest form of betrayel to me, and how she used me to get this guy back, im very offended and hurt by it. i didn't deserve that crap!

  • They have a child together that's why. He will always be her baby daddy. He probably would of gotten in the way anyway. Better this way instead of you getting hurt

    • i disagree, she only has to look at her mom. her own mom has 4 children with her ex, she left that guy and now remarried with a guy , who i also concider a friend of mine. they have 2 young children together. their weird dynamic will effect the child, what if he leaves again when the child has a better understanding of his father petathic behavior. im sorry but its invalid. i know plenty of woman who would be so proud to walk away and tell him to f. ck off. you dont want a father for your child who can leave you at any moment notice.

  • He was a real man and did what he wants thats why he has her back, you must know how women work, nice guys finish last.

    • how is he a real man bro? that girl nearly died giving birth to his son. a real man doesn't walk away from his responsibilties ! and he probably wouldn't have come back if his relationship with the other girl worked out. you and i have a different opinion of a what a real man is like. a father would rathet starve to death, than see the mother of his child, and his child having almost no clothes, having hunger. this piece of sh. t spends it on new shoes and clothes. by the way if he was a real man he would insult me in my face, he will regret it directly.

    • I don't know man to tell the truth I didn't read the whole post.

    • already thought so, well i dont think you concider him a real men now do you. gonna try and hook him up to my ex gf. she sleeps around with everyone. every month or 2 she has a new one. she is stunning to look at, but a digusting and selfish individual. these 2 would make a great match. but back to the topic, this guy will cheat on her again, maybe did so more than once. by her taking him back, she makes herself a doormat. its really sad, the part that i played was that of the bad guy who was needed to justify her decission to her mom, who can't stand the guy. i believe in karma, and maybe i will give karma a little push. i have a good looking female friend, who may help me to flirt with him a bit :) but seriously, a guy who leaves you after you almost died giving birth to your child, there is no greater shame than that !!!

  • No, not at all. But most people aren't willing to walk to stay healthy, much less put in the effort to repair a relationship after cheating, so to them, undoubtedly the answer would be "yes, always a cheater." People are so pathetic.

    • i could never trust someone again who cheated on me. they showed the will to walk away on me first time, and will do it again. this girl has no pride, she used me and manipulates her mom into accepting him back. her mom hates this guy for how he cheated her, spends on the money on himself. her mom and i are good friends, and i told her to let her take care of her own business. no food, go to him, no clothes go to him. i feel really used , im a kind and caring guy who just got out of a bad relationship and i thought she had seen the light just like me but she didn't. i was just a tool to her

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