Does it Seem like he's Not Into me Any more?

So I'm thinking the guy I start to talk to doesn't like me anymore. Last week my crush asked to come over his house and I told him I can but the thing is I told him I never drove on the highway before. He said that I can follow him and all the way there. So last Friday I went to his house after my classes and I follow him there and I stay the night to do the fact I told him, I won't be able to drive home in dark because it is hard to see at night for me and I am still unfamiliar with the Highway and he told me I can stay the night and there are three other bedrooms in house I can sleep in if I want. The night I stay over his was a gentleman he did not try and anything we had fun just hanging out. But after I hung out with him and stay the night, when he text he is short with me. Like later that Friday he text me after work asking how it was and I replied back and he text "I'm Passing out" on Saturday I text him after work and he was heading to sister house with his son and we are asking each other day is going and he ask me about work and I told him and he replied back saying "That Good" so when he text me that I never replied back because I did not know what to say back plus he had his son with him so I thought okay he busy. So Sunday we were texting but he was busy doing homework and I was busy studying, so we are texting but his responses are kinda short still and I do not know if he was doing homework or he did not want to talk to me. So at 8:22 pm he stop texting and I do not know why. Today on campus usually we see each other but I haven't seen him and our mutual friends said they haven't seen either, so I don't know if he avoiding. Before all of this happened, we would talk for house over the phone and hang out after our classes now since I hung out with him things seem different. I need advice do it seem like he is not Interest in me anymore or I am being paranoid. If it matter his is he 33 and I'm 24.
I need advice I do not know what to do


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  • I would stop contacting him and wait to see if he contacts you. It looks grim, but you never know what he could have going on. Give him a bit if space and see what happens.


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