Im confused by what he's telling me?

It's been nearly two years now and I really love the man im seeing , the only problem is he has a girlfriend . He has told me he loves me but he loves his children which I understand because I have children to and I know it is hard for him . He tells me how much his girlfriend is selfish and gives him no attention . I don't want him to leave her tho because I don't want to hurt anyone but I can not let go of him he's my friend my soul mate I have never felt like this before about a man . He said to if I wanted to end things for me not to just disappear on him or he would come and find me :/ he doesn't know where I live because I want to keep that private , he texts me every day ,the other night when we was together he told me he missed me so much and who says you can't love more than one person etc he's starting to confuse me , he said he loves the feeling of falling in love again , I love him to but it's all to much for me I feel so mixed up and confused by what he tells me , does it seem like he's clingy ? I feel he's in love with me but I just don't no for sure what do you think


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  • This is a tough one... If he hates being with his wife, and loves being with you then he should end it with her. The kids are the toughest part here though. I mean it all depends on what happens with the kids and yours included.

    • I don't think he hates her I can tell he's controlled by Her tho , I wouldvt want him to leave his children there his world he loves them , I just don't know how to feel about it all in very confused

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    • We only see each other once a month because he lives nearly 3 hours away and when we do meet he doesn't sleep in my bed in my home we go to a hotel , maybe just leave it as it is , I just don't no how to feel about it all tbh

    • In all honesty i think he is cheating on his gf in my opinion.

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  • I don't want to sound rude, but you are letting him have his cake and eat it too.
    How do you know for sure he doesn't have a great relationship with this other woman?

    I have been in this exact position with a man for three years, and it was painful and took a lot of guts to leave.

    • It is painful , I'm not sure what his home life is really like he just told me things and she cheated on him when they first got together , I just don't know :( sorry but I knew I would be hated for this post , I just need some advice

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    • No I hope you don't feel hated, I wasn't trying to make you feel like that

    • It is very hard

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  • I really don't want to be that person.. But that's called being a home wrecker.

    I will literally never fucking understand why girls put themselves through this. If he does it to her, don't think for one second he wouldn't do it to you.

    • I never thought I would ever get myself into a situation like this ever !! Just can't help who you fall in love with

  • "the only problem is he has a girlfriend"? I think only problem is that you are a Home wrecker. Don't expect much sympathy, you are ruining a family.

    • She doesn't know and never will so not hurting anyone

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    • It takes two im not forcing him

    • Anon... you need to calm down a bit lol

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