Is he not going to ask me on a second date?

I went on a date yesterday with a guy. Things went great, but we both had a little bit too much to drink. We went to his place and listened to music. Then he proceeded to kiss me. Afterwards, I started talking about my ex because I was so tipsy. He was tipsy as well and spoke of his exes too.

He kept trying to put his hand down my crotch and said he wanted to give me oral sex. I kept saying no, even though he persisted. Somehow his hands would end up near my bum/crotch area, no matter how much I moved them away.

At the end of the night, around 2 am I left. He said I should text him once I got home and I did. The only reply I got from him was "Cool!"

Since then he has been online several times today but hasn't contacted me at all. Does it mean there won't be a second date or he won't ask me out again?


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  • Hard to say. Maybe he thought that since we weren't dtf that you're going to be a hard nut to crack and not worth the effort.

    Or, maybe he doesn't want to scare you off by asking too soon. Ya know, give you a day or two to breathe a little instead of smothering you.

    • Hmm.. Well, the thing is I'm a virgin and I told him then and there. He said he respected that, but still tried to put his hand down there and said he wanted to give me oral sex.

    • That's because while he might have respected that, he didn't really care.

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