I thought I missed my opportunity but I didn't what should I do?

One day biking to work there was a cute girl walking along the side of the road I looked over and she smiled at me. Well my luck im thinking that I probably should have said something then cause I would never see the girl again well I was wrong saw her again today on my way home from work but im conflicted if I should talk to her


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  • Take some time, think of what to say, and calmly talk to her. She might be the type to be nice to everyone though.


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  • And here's this guy back again with more of this "a girl existed on the same planet as me... does she kinda love me or something" hootenanny lol

    • No im just asking should I make a attempt or just let it go cause I could walk up and reject me cause I dont think all women on this planet love me that requires self confidence I dont have that

    • Right, and every time me or someone else on here tells you to go out into the world and just jump in instead of overanalyzing every move, what do you do?

      You come right back here 2-3 days later with yet another one of these scenarios you're overanalyzing. Seriously dude, GET OFF OF GAG AND QUIT DEVOTING YOUR WHOLE LIFE TO THE ALMIGHTY PURSUIT OF GIRLS.

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  • if she's unknown 2 u better don't annoy her dude...:-/


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