Girls, I could use help :) please?

So I need help getting girls, well not getting. Meeting nice girls and getting them to talk to me. Once we start talking I'm great. I just done know where to look or how to start :(


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  • Are you in high school? College? Working?

    • College and working. I didn't have problems in high school. There were dances and clubs and things that I met girls in all the time.

    • College makes it easier since there are girls all over campus. I suggest going at any student activity centre on campus. The student activity centres are usually a place of hanging out and meeting new people rather than doing homework or study, so then you won't have to worry about bothering them as much. The fact that you are working makes your schedule a bit harder to have free time so I really suggest meeting someone at school. That way you have more opportunities to hangout. You can also try going to different club meetings that you have interest in and maybe you will find a girl with the same interests.

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