Why hasn't she responded yet?

I started seeing this girl and we had 2 excellent dates, but last Monday she told me she would have to cancel our date because she had to stay at work late, I offered to reschedule and haven't heard anything from her since last Monday, is she just not interested in seeing me anymore, or is there some plausible reason that she hasn't been in contact?
  • She is no longer interested in me abd doesn't want to see me again
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  • There is another legitimate reason fur her lack of contact
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She got in touch with me last night, and said that some family things came up


Most Helpful Guy

  • I bet she called at the last minute to cancel. This is a ploy women use to get out of a date they really didn't want to have. But let's give her the benefit of the doubt.

    The only problem with this is that when a girl likes you and can't make a date, SHE will counter offer by rescheduling. This is something she didn't do. It's a huge red flag, but not terminal.

    Don't rationalize her behavior, instead take it as an ominous sign that something may be wrong. Don't call her. Wait for her to call you. When she calls, she should make another date with you for the one she broke. If this doesn't happen, it's over between both of you.

    The next time a woman cancels on you and you want to know if the excuse is real, you will counter offer for another day. For example, she said that Monday was out because of work, you could have countered for Wednesday. If she says she still can't make it, counter for Thursday, or Sunday, or a specific date the following week. After three counters from you, it pretty much over. She's telling you to buzz off in woman talk.


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  • maybe she's been too busy. wait and see!


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  • Juat give her space, you offered to reschedule and haven't heard anything ball is in her court. I would move on in the mean time.

  • or MAYBE she's busy woth her workdude!

  • She probably found a better looking guy to date.


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