Girls, is it crass that I hold a grudge against the girls who rejected me when I was fat?

I was fat for the first two years of college, and since I've lost the weight, i really feel a sense of bitterness toward those girls. I really feel like most of the girls whom i asked out played with me by leading me on. In a sick way, i feel like i am better than some of those girls now. i feel partly like im being crass, and partly like im finally standing up for myself after years of letting girls use me for attention while leading me to believe they liked me. am i being crass, or have any of you felt like this about guys?


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  • No it's definitely not wrong at all. I have almost the same ruin except when guys or girls say I'm to skinny. It's not my fault I have a high metabolism. So yes you have a total right to be angry


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