Obsessive, smothering, or just caring?

I've been dating a guy for about 5 months and he's older. I usually stay out of my age because i don;t get along with them too well and it's hard for me to be social . This guy has a good job and he's from my home town. he's sweet and kind and i "think" I love him. But he's almost needy. Texts all day every day even during his work which makes me worry about him getting fired. He gets upset if i don't respond fast enough when i'm cleaning, doing homework, or talking with family. Gets mad and verbally violent when a friend so much as pokes me. When we fight he always has a good reason to be upset but he so upset i end up in tears. He always apologizes but it keeps happening. He also likes to talk about my ex's asks questions i know will upset him. My friend says dump him but i keep thinking he's not all bad and i want to try pulling through. What should i do?


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  • Try talking to him that he's being a little obsessive and assure him that you're not going anywhere he sounds insecure

    • I have tried to talk to him about it. If i say he is, he gets VERY upset, and he IS extremely insecure. I re-assure him all the time and given him more than a good enough reason to trust me but it feels like not enough. It's stressing me out.

    • Then a hader talk may be in order that if he doesn't back off some he'll lose you

    • Sounds about right... I hate having to do that.

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