What are good icebreakers? what are good followups?

I'm sick of seeing a cute girl that, just may be interested in me as well but nothing ends up happening because i can't think of a good icebreaker and followup.( obviously if she's reading a book or i can clearly see there's some she likes just by looking at her ill try bringing that up.) i dont get out much but on the rare occasion im out and see a potential partner at the same time i wanna get things rolling. anyone have any good ones?

wow there's so many good opinions... which should i choose. get a pussy cat or get an axe?


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  • do you have a pussy cat?


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  • Last year, I mentioned to a random young lady (about 30 years younger than me), that if she'd been there 2 weeks earlier I could have sold her to a gypsy prince. She smiled and was happy about that.

    2 weeks earlier, I had tried to sell a gypsy prince 2 wives. It was a total surprise to the 2 young ladies, and I only asked $250 for the pair. They were kind of shocked, but still smiling.


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