What are some of the best places to meet eligible men?

What are some places or activities where you can meet single men? other than dating websites please.


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  • GaG! PM me! lol!!! JK

    Uhmmmm, i mean you should just try meeting guys everywhere, you never know!
    Try a starbucks, bookstore, library, park, beach, pool, volunteer at a charity! you will meet people and men everywhere!
    i love meeting girls at the beach! i actually feel most comfortable on the sand =)

    • You go by the beach alone? I also like meeting girls at the beach. When I lived back home, going to the beach with friends was common (I lived in an island), so we met lots of girls. But now I moved and I don't really have friends that like going to the beach, but I still wanna go.
      Do you think it's weird to go to the beach alone and meeting girls there?

    • To the beach alone*

    • Haha i have gone alone and let me tell you its really nerve racking, i went there to run along the beach and train,
      i met girls after that i was reading underneath my umbrella, they approached me lol!

      but usually i go there with friends, and well, we invite another group we see, to play soccer or volley ball

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  • Local events / meet ups
    Like hiking groups or music Festivals
    Poverty reading etc etc


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  • Local organizations, club meetings, sporting events, there are plenty of places to go!

  • at a candy shop basically...;-)


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