Do you think all women who are interested exclusively in older men are all gold-diggers, in it for the free dates and the free vacations and money?

Do you think so? I sure do. People claim it is.because older men are more "mature", but mostly they are into them mostly because they have a job! If you have a job, of course you can afford more "mature" things... With income, with MONEY!

I am pretty convinced they are in it for the money. What else is there? It's not like you will understand them too well, they are 10 years older than you after all. But they sure have a wallet they can share with you, no wonder you're interested in leeching, eh?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I have to disagree. I was 19 and my boyfriend was 39 at the time. We're still together and I'm 23 and him 44. I work full time, we split everything, I've also taken care of him. I have my own car that I bought myself and he has a car and truck. I lost my virginity to him why? Because he is incredibly sexy, funny, witty and our personalities match. We always have fun and never get tired of each other. Now I still am attracted to guys my own age but I love him because of him!

    • Doesn't it bother you that he could be old enough to be your father?

    • In the beginning it did. I was worried about introducing him to my friends and family but they were all supportive except for a one. She wanted me to leave him for a man my own age. We don't worry about any of that. I don't care how someone perceives me

    • Thanks for mho!

Most Helpful Guy

  • It's a suspect situation sometimes. I hear girls say they like older guys because they're "established", which I do read as "they have money", but I'm not ready to paint everyone with the same brush. Older guys are also past the game-playing phase, know what they want and are looking for, they have more maturity. It just might be a better fit for some girls. And it's nothing new, girls always have seemed to go for older guys. I didn't have a shot with the hottest girls in 8th grade when I was 14 because they were already dating some 17 year old guy. But those guys probably had no money.

    To give another example, my gf is 31 (29 if anyone asksπŸ˜†), but I met her when she had just turned 23. She always has said she likes older guys, and I relentlessly mock her for it, haha. And she's a hot chick that lived in New York City, no doubt she could have found an older sugar daddy. She always dated up, when she was 19 her boyfriend was pushing 30. And I'm 5 years older than her, which isn't crazy, but still. And one of her reasons she left the other guy was that he was extremely jealous, and tried to pay her $1,000 to not go out with her friends one night. She could have taken it, but she was like "fuck that, you're not going to control me with money." She started dating me when I was just bouncing for like 25 hours a week and was probably making $11K a year, I was BROKE. She was actually buying ME shit at first. So I think she just digs the look of older guys, like WAY older. Here's her top 3 celebrity crushes...
    Bruce Willis

    John Slattery (Roger Sterling from Mad Men),0,214,317_AL_.jpg

    Anderson Cooper (US news anchor)

    It's werd when you don't worry about a young prettyboy dude stealing your girl, and instead have to be on the lookout for "Silver Foxes", as she calls them, with white or gray hair, if anyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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What Girls Said 19

  • This question must be one the string of generalisation polls you've been making recently. You're plotting a massive take once you've got all the results, aren't you?

    I once went on a few dates with a guy roughly 10 years older than me and boy was that a disappointment. We had nothing in common and he kept boasting about how supposedly mature he was. There was no second date.

    • To be honest, there is no plan behind it so far :p
      Most of these current questions are just the result of me being bored.

      Age does not equal maturity, how'd you even end up on a date with that guy?

    • He asked me out and I said yes. I thought that it would be boring, but if I haven't tried, how am I to say for sure?

    • And it was! Ah, there's nothing as satisfying as realizing that your intuition was correct :P

  • No. I'm kinda disappointed in you Meson.

    I prefer older guys cuz I find them more attractive. I don't really care if they're working or not. Most of y'all fuckers don't know my personal life, but I'm basically the breadwinner in my household. I call the shots. I'm independent, one of those annoying types of women who "don't need no man". I have been working since I was 12, and working full time since I was 16. I have been paying for myself and still treating my mama and younger brothers, since I was 16.
    Most young guys around here are in gangs or something. If they aren't yet, they probably will. I find that if they made it to 25 or so without joining a gang yet, they most likely won't ever and I don't like gang bangers. I strongly prefer age 25-35.
    I like to spoil those I love and care for, so if anything, if I got an older bf he'd be getting gifts from and then fuckers would talk still talk shit and say "how stupid is she, paying for him."

    Maybe mofos should stop generalizations and mind their business.

    • And i am impressed by how you think... πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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    • Its ok.. hey and you are preety too..😘
      And i like kitty with claws... 😈

    • @CoverGuy no. Other pretty girls means other girls who are pretty implying I am not. But whatever. It doesn't really matter.

      @SingleBee I apologize.

  • I believe that this is sometimes the case, but not always and being with an older man myself, I hate when people assume this. My man does not have two nickels to run together. He is on disability. Anyone that knows either of us knows that.

    There are so many reasons why a woman could be dating an older man. For me, it is about maturity level, the connection we share, him supporting and encouraging me, treating me like a lady, being able to hold an intelligent conversation, being confident without being cocky. I have been with men my age and even just a few years younger and we just did not share any of that. They lacked communication skills and could not keep up with me intellectually. I am not saying all men my age or younger are like that, but those are the experiences I personally have had. He makes me feel like a woman. He lifts me up in ways I have never experienced and yes, he does give me guidance and in a way is somewhat of a teacher to me, but only because of everything that he has been through in his lifetime, the places he has traveled and people he has met. There is so much to be gained from a man like that. So, frankly... people can think whatever the fuck they want. I am happy. He is happy. That is all that matters.

  • I mostly agree but it's not always the case. My partner is older than me and in all reality going out on dates and shopping is the least of my concerns.

    • that's not the only use for money though

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    • So why not someone your own age then? :P

    • I'm not sure about the rest but in my case not only I but my family has known him for years and he was the first and only guy I ever dated and I don't see myself with anybody else that isn't him.

  • Some women are naturally attracted to men much older than them. I know women who marry men who could be their father, and it is not always for their wealth

    • "Naturally attracted" sounds like they learn that they should be looking for older men because they are the ones who have money.

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    • @Mesonfielde Well see, it isn't something that girls consciously do. They don't think "I like this guy, he seems like a good daddy!" But because of that lack of a father figure in their life, they subconsciously search for it somewhere else. This somewhat explains it a bit. It's sort-of a way for them to "work out their issues" with their father. It's just a theory of course though. :p

    • @misupanda Hmm... I'd have to have daddy issues to verify that, which I don't.

  • How much older are we talking? I'm hoping not too older.
    I sometimes find myself attracted to older guys solely for their maturity.. and because I just find them attractive.

    For the most part I am more interested in my own age.

    • I'm mostly talking about the people who say they would NEVER even CONSIDER dating someone who's the same age as them. I find that weird.

      We're talking about 6-8 years or more.

    • Oohhh okay :)

  • what about women who prefer younger men?

    do I want to pay fir everything? change his diapers? orrr that's ok on my part, but he's the gold-digger then, hmmmmmm?

    • I don't know, you tell me - what's so great about younger men? :P

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    • Hey, not all women are simpleminded. Just the ones that exclusively date only older guys for their money.

    • some women only dare guys with money, some of those guys just happen to be older. some women also just happen to be attracted to older guys regardless of their income.

  • I am a serial dater who DOES date and have sex with high profile older men and pro athletes.

    I am also:
    *financially independent
    *have a very real "gift-receiving-phobia", even with immediate family
    *never eat out, or in public or ever n front of others.
    *don't drink.
    *don't take drugs
    *am social butterfly chameleon who needs diversity

    I am a "power tripper" though who DOES luuuuuuurve buzzing energy +
    life experience + intelligence + sexual prowess + bad boy ways.

  • Not really. I have a friend who is younger than me. She comes from a very well off family. Yet, her boyfriend is someone 20 years older then her who is unemployed and in debt.

    • Any ideas what the hell is keeping her there apart from the easy access to sexuality?

    • Because she likes him? She finds that his vibe suits her well. Easy sexuality? I don't think that's it. She already had a boyfriend when she met the guy. Mind you her bf comes from a family like hers very well off but then she broke up with him for that guy

  • Really depends on the girl in my opinion, I personally prefer older guys as I'm 16 and guys my age are mostly note dating material. However I wouldn't date a guy more than 3 years older than me. So yes, if a woman likes a guy who is 10+ older I would question her too. But a girl who fancy's older men is very common as it is a little old-school.

  • Nope, not true at all. There are some women who are only into older men for money, but some, like myself, have just naturally always found themselves into older guys. Even when I was 16/17 I was dating guys in their early 20's. Most guys I meet my age just don't have what I need mentally. A lot of the guys I meet my age are self centered, arrogant, and plainly don't know who they are because they haven't lived enough. Most women mature way faster than men and are mentally years ahead, so it makes a lot of sense, in my opinion, that they'd be interested in older guys. Also, some women in their 20's already find themselves ready to settle down and/or start a family, something an older guy would more likely be interested in doing. I don't see why people feel the need to judge others for what they like or do in their life. Worry about yourself and keep it pushin'

    • Technically, I myself always thought I was oh so much smarter than my peers, but that was never true. I always also thought I was smarter than the average of a particular age, but after every year I just realized how dumb I was the year before.

      I think those young ladies are just impressionable, but not as mature as they claim themselves to be.

    • It's not a matter of them thinking they're smarter, it's only really being able to connect and converse with people that are a bit older. The things I used to want to talk about and be interested jn guys my age didn't give a damn about. But eh, I'm not one to really give a fuck about changing someone's mindset if they aren't willing to at least be open to other perspectives. So as always believe what you wish to.

  • Well... I can't exactly speak completely from experience, because I might not date that much older, I guess it would depend on the guy. I do like older guys, but usually just like...5 years older maximum. For me, it's completely a maturity thing, HOWEVER there are some really freaking immature older guys and some very wise beyond their years younger guys. So it's pretty much a case by case basis for me. But if I was crafting my "perfect man", he'd probably be slightly older than myself. Nothing to do with money though. To be honest, I'll probably be making a lot more money than my future husband if I marry. >_>; LOL.

    • Oh, but there are cases where it is most DEFINITELY for money. Not necessarily at 10 years, but I always laugh at the couples with the 60 year old man with some 20 year old girl. You can usually tell when it's for money I think. It's pretty darn obvious.

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    • LOL. Oh god.. xD Maybe it wasn't... a dream... O_O!!!

    • ... yes it was :p

  • I'm disagreeing with this only because I have dated older men and much older men, and all of them did NOT have extra money to spend, and the money they had never went to me in any way. I was with them because I loved their maturity and experiences and wasn't in to wet-behind-the-ears little boys who were actually in their 20s and 30s at the time living in Mom's basement. I enjoyed being with a man who worked, learned the hard way how to please a woman, and didn't need to hang out with his boyfriends and get drunk. I felt like I was with someone totally in to me and it was very sexy.

  • 4|0
  • Given those absolute parameters, no I do not.

  • define older...

    well for me i really hate guys my age (im 21) they seem just vain and empty... I don't know i just dont feel that depth or feel myself getting pulled into him because he is interesting
    a lot of them only talk about very limited things like money, cars... etc (and then cry about being only tuck with gold diggers xD xD which is funny but yea not the point)
    im not saying im a genius or anything lol but I don't know i just feel like they are too vain for me

    now starting from late 20s till 30s... now thats what i like... even on GAG i feel like we share a lot and our thoughts and how we see things are usually very a like! like we get each other you know
    its basically the maturity, the stability , the gentleman attitude and less of the punk attitude... etc

    and then there are girls who are gold-diggers yes lol
    but i feel like a lot of guys tell themselves that instead of actually maturing more to attract girls

  • I don't know, I mean, I suppose sometimes it is about money. Which, in a girl's defense, it's kind of our biological need to look for a financially stable mate - that's actually why girls use to marry men who were in their 30s way back when, and men would marry girls when they would usually get their period - which would be like 15/16, but whatever, a bit off point. But, also, at least for me, older guys are, to me at least, more attractive, sexually and spiritually - and, yes, even 60 years old, and sometimes older. So, I mean, it's a bit unfair to completely generalize that they're all gold diggers (which, in all fairness, why is it so bad? It used to be that way). Sometimes there's more to the relationship, and it's really not your place to judge.

    • Not really "biological", that is just a rationalization. Biological need would be eating food and drinking water, not " finding a mate with the highest income in an abstract artificial currency". :p

      But otherwise, fair enough, although I personally would not date a 60 year old at my age even if the conditions you mentioned were true. I find it odd how they'd disregard age like as if biological degradation wasn't a thing.

    • By biological I mean our default. Like, it really wasn't until women started holding their own, and getting the same type of jobs as men and stuff, the money was no longer as important. Since, women no longer have to solely rely on men financially, anymore, we as a society assume it's bad to be after a man for money. I mean, the idea of being in a relationship because of "love" is actually a pretty new concept.

      I don't know, there's just something about them. Like, they're experienced, and even with their wrinkles it's like I don't know. And I don't know sometimes it just clicks. And frankly I tend to get really bored of people pretty fast so maybe that could be part of why it doesn't bother me so much.

  • No. I can't use men. I have to feel something for a man in order to BE with him... Don't generalise. It's not very... "Mature" - as you say. I actually DO like an older man & it's not because of his money. I myself am a very ambitious woman & aim to make a success of my life... However, I will only settle for an ambitious man, because I despise lazy men. I think more men (no generalisation intended) back in the days grew up with more ambition, hence times were much harder back then. They had no choice... That's what I've picked up from the majority of older men. I respect an ambitious man. If the woman is ambitious herself & can look after herself, has a good career, education, etc, it would be less risky for an older man to then date her. The only way to figure out a woman's intentions is to treat her like any other normal man with an average salary would.

  • I come from a wealthy family, and my past boyfriend was 17 years older than me. He was a quirky bar tender that I had spent a few months getting to know. He made significantly less than what I had, so yeah...

    • So why not someone your age?

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    • Refer to the 45+ anon below on the male side

    • Okay, and? One man is going to dictate who I date and find attractive, yeah I think not.

What Guys Said 9

  • I see broke old guys land young women as well. Not as often but it happens.

    More significantly though you are failing to distinguish between gold diggers and a female preference for successful mates.

    You will find women very frustrating as a group until you do.

    • I just find it odd just how cultural this is.

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    • You said it yourself, biological evaluations altered by cultural beliefs

    • And you can't seriously figure out why some women would be attracted to older men? Not make a rational decision to be with them for financial benefits, but actually attracted?

      Come on, you're smarter then that. Stop projecting what you find attractive based on male's evolutionary strategies, and look at it logically.

  • Sometimes yes but I wouldn't say most girls who like older men are gold diggers. It's the same for some guys. Some dudes are sick of the juvenile ways girls their age act and so they want a lady who won't beat around the bush and has the confidence to be forward with what they want out of their man.

  • some may be but I certainly wouldn't say all women who are with older men are all gold diggers seeking a free ride

  • It depends how older we are talking about to be honest if he is like Hue Hephner old then yes those women are all after his money.

  • Your theory here holds about as much water as your theory on gender neutrality, which is to say not much.

    • I am pretty sure my gender neutrality stuff would hold more value if people were willing to comprehend it.

    • The problem with your gender neutrality stuff is that it sounds warm and fuzzy on paper but has very little basis in reality, which is where it really counts. You simply ignore some very fundamental facts about human nature.

      Just like your theory about younger women and older men. The truth there is that women are genetically predisposed to be attracted to men who make good providers and protectors, and older men usually fit that description better than younger men. It's not even necessarily a conscious thing, and it does not make them gold diggers... it's just human attraction. Human nature.

  • Even as a 47 year old man, it makes more sense for people to date within their age.

    And women who claim all men their age are immature are immature themselves to make that assumption just because of bad experiences with one or a few guys their age. They certainly do not mature faster than males either. They still have a lot to learn in life, buddy.

  • I agree with you, but that is just one reason.

    From what I see on this site, young women who like old men usually like them because they think every guy their age is "immature" and sleeps around with girls and then they think dating old men will solve the problem which I think is completely stupid, since maturity determines on how you were raised and educated, not the age. I don't like the excuse they make such as "females mature faster" because it simply ain't true because women my age who claim to be "mature" are out partying every weekend, drinking, one night stands etc. You call that mature? This then makes it a sexist double standard.

    Another reason is that young women want to settle down way too early like in their early twenties. They say they want older men because "they are willing to settle down and are financially stable" which then proves it's for the money. Like can't us guys just finish college first and get a job for ourselves till we are financially stable enough? Young women my age are just way too picky these days. Even when I see women wanting to date man who is old enough to be their father or grandfather, I think that is downright grotesque.

    To conclude, I personally don't date women that like old men... I don't see them as classy or relationship material...

    • And all the women who answered are exactly what I'm talking about.

    • That actually sounds like it makes perfect sense. Your opinion, I mean.

  • Older guys are better in bed. Learn how to please the ladies.

    • That sounds like the logic behind how firms only hire people with work experience, but as a result you cannot get work experience anywhere

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    • I kinda wonder where people learn how to make their own business. There is a whole lot of bureaucracy involved, yet people learn it anyways! Weird.

    • It isn't that hard, really. There are basically only five elements of a business, so as long as you focus on those, you'll be fine. The legal end is rather straightforward (of course, there's variations of difficulty depending upon jurisdiction and the nature of the venture).

  • Yeah I get that feeling. I lose interest in a girl if she says she generally dates (significantly) older men.


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