Why is he doing this?

OK, I've been with my boyfriend/father of my kids for 8 years and it seems like for the past couple years all wet do is fight. This last year or two has been hell! He gets really mad at when something pisses him off I'm getting the fire for it and he calls me every name in the book breaks up with me and everything. The last couple weeks have been hell as well he broke up with me for no real reason and told me he's been seeing somebody else anyway and he's tired of me and wants me to leave. When I decided to take the kids and go he basically made me stay with guilt. Then he kissed me two days after the fight and said he was sorry, but then today he got pissed again and said just because I fucked you doesn't mean I want you. You ain't shit im tired of you and so on. Not to mention I'm pregnant with our 4th child and he is stressing the crap out of me. I can't sleep at night my chest is always tight and hurting im always crying I'm a mess! Can anyone tell me what is going on!! Why is he treating me like this? And don't say sit down and talk because he won't talk to me at all. He sits on his phone all day he has no time for me at all. I just don't get why he hates me?! Is it somebody else?!!!!


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  • I feel really sorry.
    Well if sitting and talking is not an option.
    I know u don't have the strength left to do much about it.. But he ll only know and remember ur value when u go away from him.
    When there ll be no one at his weak times..
    Maybe u can go to ir siblings house or parents.

    I dont know how long u hv been pregnant. But it wasn't a good idea to have a 4th child with him.
    R u financualy dependent on him? Of not then jus leavee ! He ll value u only then.
    No other way for such person.
    Even if u cheat on him, i dun know would it really matter to him and if yes then he ll just end up beating u or ur lover up..
    Leave him

    • I'm a stay at home mom which is really not my goal I want more, but I can't do anything being pregnant with very small kids... I guess I could just go to my mom's.

    • Yeah go to ur moms.. I know all this is easier said then done..
      But i would want u to really forget expecting anything from him. Coz u hv no idea when he may or may not sober up. its very likely he ll come to get u nd be sorry.. But the very next day he ll repeat the same shit.
      So u actually should and will have to make a solid statement that u can live on ur own and manage ur life and he is not needed a bit..
      Once he is really convinced that he is literally not needed.. He ll be alright with u.
      U would need to be alone for 2 months to an year alone. Until ur convinced that he is convinced that u can live the rest of ur line on ur behalf..
      When u ll be self sufficient.. It will really get too him.. He ll broken and feel pretty bad about himself..
      All other ways would be very temporary affecting in nature.

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  • Maybe it's time to leave this lesbian cunt? Clearly he is not MAN ENOUGH to have a family so he takes his frustrations of being less than a.. UM MAN... out on you.. his wife... lol... what a fucking joke. Fuk his brother to even the score. Then divorce the slut.


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  • wow!! You need to find a way to fix that situation or just get out o it. He is pull you back n forth for some reason. wanting to keep you around just in case? I dont know.. regardless it isn't good. hope you can find a solution! First the reason needs to be known.

    • He claims I'll never come around for him to see the kids.. I don't know in so confused I think he is seeing somebody else. He wears cologne a lot more and he bit this new body wash that had a natural cologne smell he shaves only when he's going to work is crazy.

    • Well the courts will set it up for the kids to see you both so that is a lame excuse.

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