Guys, why does my race seem like a problem?

So basically, I like white guys. Always have, a couple of my close friends are white. I have a crush on one of them. He is soo cute, but he told me that we wouldn't work out because im black and he's white. Obviously, that hurt my feelings. Its not like Im ugly, i think im gorgeous. So does that mean, that I have to ignore the type of guys I like because of my race?


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  • If he's a close friend he's obviously not racist, or he wouldn't spend so much time with you.

    Some people just aren't attracted to dominant racial physical characteristics, but he also threw in the fact that he was white as part of the reason, so it could be a compatibility issue in terms of black and white culture. I know that there are certainly things I'll accept in a friend that I wouldn't accept in a lover.

    One possible reason could be that a lot of people don't date interracially because they're afraid of having a kid who would struggle because of their mixed race.

    Another possibility is family pressure. There are a lot of people who would date interracially if it weren't for a disapproving family. It's unfortunate, but the threat of being disowned by parents or grandparents can be very compelling.


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  • No, a lot of white guys will go with black girls. Just (apparently) not your friend. If you really prefer white guys then hang out in places where they do; such places should be easy to find because everywhere I go it seems to be 80% male.

  • Absolutely not! You are gorgeous, and you are not ugly. To me it sounds like the guy you like is more of a crush?
    Aslo sounds to me, that even if he isn't racist,( but made a racist comment) He is so weak that he couldn't find a better excuse. If you were chubby, that guy would probable say "oh your too fat, sorry it won't work out".
    He is a dick, and you deserve better. There are MILLIONS of attractive white guys out there that would happily date you or even marry you and father your children. Don't let the unfortunate majority affect your feelings.

    so my answer is: Its not a problem.

  • He might have just assumed you wouldn't like him cause you're white. I guess he ruined it with a gorgeous girl.

    I don't find race a problem. We all cry the same colour tears.

  • Some guys just aren't attracted to black women. Unfortunately I'm one of them. I'm not physically attracted to black women and I can't date someone unless there is some physical attraction. That's probably the same reason why he doesn't want to date you

    • SO? That wasn't her question. She said does she have to ignore the type of guys she likes because of her race. How is it fair to say based on yours or his opinion that all the guys she meets in the future that are white will deny her because she is black. WTF
      @anonymous girl... I will go on a date with you and have nasty sex with you.

    • Sorry I didn't mean to disrespect, I meant I would happily date you for a prolonged period possibly forever. (if you are a sexy black girl)

    • Just fuck off and worry about yourself bro. She asked two questions. I don't need some random dick's approval to answer one of them

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