Guys, there's a guy im seeing have been for around 4 months and I'm not sure if he's into me he will say to me that he's " into me for now"?

Recently gave me a pet name and when he talk about the future a year or so from now he includes me in it to some extent. I can't shake the feeling though that he's just not that into me. Or he only wants the sexual side of our relationship, I asked him what we were and he said he doesn't know, but he enjoys spending time with me and would like to keep seeing me. I can't help but feel like I'm a place holder and he's waiting for someone he likes more to come along. So my question is how do you know a guy is into you and by the sounds of things is he into me?
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Well that's the end of that fiasco it ended I knew something was off lol Ahh well but for those who're interested im single 😏😉😂


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  • 4 months are a short time isn't it?

  • give it more time. 4 months is very early


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