Why does he stay in touch?

why would a guy stay in touch when you go from being really into one another to then kinda ending things and having so many issues you enever see each other anymore?

Would you not just stop texting?
This is driving me crazy... he pretty much knows how I feel about him now but still... wish he would just block me and move on so i can too... I am out the country for the next week so expect to not hear from him or text him when i am gone, will that make a difference?


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  • maybe he still wants u as a friend?

    • which i could understand if we ever saw each other... I am completely crazy about the man... :(

  • I would yeah

    • so why doesn't he? why does he still message me? granted they are replies but its like he doesn't want to sever contact. I should probably mention my current relationship is in the process of ending as my bf is going in to the Army soon and this other guy didn't want to be a cheat... is he still waiting?

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