Dating 3 guys at once?

they arny my boyfriends but i go on dates with all of them. Well the first guy, we are just talking, the second guy, we are just talking but he hasn't been online in 3 days, but we established a bf/gf relationship. i went on dates with both of them. The third guy i just met today and we are gonna go on a date tomorrow.

Why do i do this!? And how can i manage all of this?! I know its bad but I don't know what to do


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  • When you have a boyfriend girlfriend relationship with someone, THAT VERY MOMENT, u don't go on dates with, let alone talk to, other guys.

    So u tell the 1st guy u have a boyfriend now and not talk to him anymore, and cancel the date with the third guy.

    Are u getting "cold feet" by being in a relationship with the second guy?


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  • It's best u stay loyal to one, a guy who is commited to be with u will feel betrayed and distrust u if u r still going on a date with other guys...


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  • Pick one guy and break things off with the others. Instead of talking to multiple boys tell the one you pick that you need more attention. I get a roving eye too when I get lonely but you have to be better than that for yourself and others. These boys think you're committed to them and only them and that's not fair.

  • Like that one guy said...

    "These girls ain't loyal".


    If they find out, you in big trouble.

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