Girls, why have black girls suddenly become interested in dating white guys?

I've always been under the impression that black girls strongly preferred to date black men over any other group of men. In fact, I didn't even think other groups of men registered on their dating radar. Now it seems like I see questions about black girl/white guy couples on GAG all the time. Why the change?


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  • Because most of the girls who are not racist or don't have racist relatives or don't have racist pressure by men in their family will like white guys.
    I'm Asian and I know the difference is that men are allowed to want white girls but they don't want the girls with white guys.

    And the media trying to be "not racist" try to avoid even put couples between white guys with Asian, black or other girls who would be a more realistic couple in proportion happening than just use white guys and white girls or white girls with guys from other ethnic groups again because these guys want white girls and they don't want to see girls liking white guys.

    I'm not being a liar, you can notice that they use this type of policy if you're not a white girl.

    • I know people talk about family pressure to date within the group. I get that, but it does seem like things have changed quite a bit over the past few years.

      Growing up, I thought that only white girls wanted to be with white guys. From what I knew, Latinas didn't like us because they thought we didn't have passion, black girls didn't like us because we were too "white," and Asian girls were pressured by parents to date Asian guys.

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    • Oh, im not worried too much about it, I just was curious

    • Lmao you just lost your credibility with that last comment. Out of all the people who'd generalize a race, I'd never would have thought an Asian would stoop that low. Smh...

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  • Not so sure. To be honest a majority of men I've been in relationships were white, but it was never "sudden" if I like a guy and we have chemistry, we can make each other laugh, if we both are attracted to each other, if he has a good personality then he gets a chance. It's not really all about race... not to me anyway.

  • Some black girls actually do have a "secret" interest in white guys (like me). They are very attractive😉☺. I think some white guys see us as the more aggressive race as if were not willing to date outside of our race, but that's not true at all. White guys are amazing☺!

  • Because they want to?
    They can be interested into anybody. Let them be.

  • Why does this matter?

  • hmmmm I don't think it's a bad thing if I recall.


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