What is love? Guy? Girls? What is the real definition of love to you in a relationship?

Just kinda curious what other people think is love to them....I'm trying to figure out what love is in a relationship and like when someone special like a bf or gf says it what it means and how they prove it.


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  • Being physically attracted to someone, feeling chemistry with them, having a desire to be in their company, and finding similarities with each other that make you compatible. If the spark is there, and they make you want to be a better person, that is love to me.

    • Thank you all those things I feel I just wasn't sure what I was feelings were like hormones or something. So again thanks so much!

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    • Your mamma sounds like a smart lady! Best wishes to the two of you!

    • Thank you! And she is!

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  • Baby don't hurt me... don't hurt me... no more...

    • that. was. amazing.
      and now i have the song stuck in my head

    • Hhahaha I have this song on my playlist lol

  • Part emotion, part choice. The feeling gives motivation for the choice, which enables people to withstand (theoretically, lol) the rough times that are inevitable in a relationship. I think people focus too much on the emotion and like to forget about choice.

  • Love is different for everyone, but your bf or gf should show you they love you in the way they treat you everyday.


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