Guys, would you date a skinny girl?

Hey guys iam 5'3 and u weigh 43 k.g would you date someone like me ?!


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  • I am not sure what 43 k. g looks like. Women commonly don't tell their weight to guys, and when I do find out it is in pounds. So I don't feel I can give a good response as to if I find that body shape attractive or not. You would need to find a pic of a celebrity that has a similar body shape and post that for me to have any idea what you look like.

    The media is trying to make heavier women feel more comfortable about their bodies and are pushing that as the sexier version. That is why they constantly talk about curvy and such now days. There is no hard definition of what a curvy girl looks like, so any overweight girl can call herself curvy and feel better about herself.

    For a long time women have though they had to by so skinny they were unhealthy, in order to be attractive to men, and that just isn't true. The truth is that men have a lot of different tastes in the female body and there is no one right body type that will attract all guys.

    There is such a thing as being too skinny, but as long as you aren't starving yourself, and are healthy there will be plenty of guys that will find you to be attractive. It depends on what type of girl the guy likes. There is no one right body type for a woman.

    I also suspect your age would be a bigger hindrance for most guys than your weight will ever be. You are just too young for most of the guys on here. Or we are too old for you, however you want to look at it.

    • Taylor Swift type of body

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    • 17 is not that young

    • You may not be a child anymore, but it is still a major age gap for a lot of guys. As you get older the age gap becomes less and less important.

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