How should I approach her?

Hello all. Me and my gf broke up 2 weeks ago and she wanted this. At first days I rushed into her and pressured her. Of course she didn't want to get back together. When something happens that will make her jealous she still gets jealous. I followed a girl she was jealous of and hated on instagram. Things didn't go that smooth and she got really really angry and cried and stuff. She doesn't want to get back together because we have a LDR and fought a lot recently. And this bothers her too much as she told me sometimes when she was sad or emotional. But she still loves me and she is afraid of mentioning those good days which remind her good feelings and whenever i ask stuff about her she kinda runs away. She is trying to unlove me for these reasons. She has some inner thoughts behind this but i can't surely know what they are. We still talk from time to time and I don't wanna just let her go because she wouldn't want me to if she weren't this confused. 2 weeks later i will go to her city without telling her and the day i go there is our anniversary(not by year but 8th month) and the day i plan to see her is next day when she goes out of school. How should i act these 2 weeks and that anniversary day? And finally how should I approach her the day I unexpectedly see her? Please help me... (BTW we have been together for 7 months and she has done so much stuff for me and this isn't easy for her I'm pretty sure.)
no help? :(


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