Was he leading me on if he meant all the things he said and did?

So this whole situation is a huge complicated story, basically I was dating my bf for over a year until a month ago when we broke up over depression (although I think he's bipolar) he's had and been in therapy for for almost a year now. The depression has caused problems when he would get into depressed phases where'd he'd get really distant, overthink things & create problems in his head that don't exist. He admitted to doing this. Other than that, we truly had an amazing relationship. We almost never fought, we were best friends, each other's first everything, we knew each other better than anyone. We were in love. When we broke up he said he didn't feel in love with me anymore though he couldn't say why & he said he couldn't think of any problems with us. People have told me this is what happens when someone is severely depressed. His friends told me they don't see him much anymore. We didn't talk for a while but I got my stuff back and it went well, we laughed and talked and he said he was a mess and didn't know what was wrong with him or what he wanted but he didn't want to lose me. We hung out again three times in the past two weeks and talked about things going on with our lives, we joked around, laughed, and he told me he misses me so much and still has feelings but isn't in the right mental state now. We kissed and hooked up and he was cuddling with me and telling me how perfect and beautiful I am and how he happy he feels when we're together and how he missed this so much and said he didn't want me to leave. Then I found out from his friend that he said he still doesn't know what he wants and that he's been leading me on lately and feels awful about it. He said he doesn't want to say he wants to get back together bc if he doesn't, it will mess me up, but he doesn't want to say he doesn't want to get back together bc if he does want to, it'll mess him up. How was he leading me on??? He was making me food, holding my hands, kissing me all over telling me how beautiful and amazing I am. Please help I feel worthless


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  • I think you know the answer since he himself said he was leading you on


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