Does anybody think Steve Harvey always gives great advice about dating?

There are somethings that I have to disagree with Steve on, like one time he gonna tell three of his female guest (who where on his talk show, looking for love) that having a man is good but he's not like having a pot of gold, instead ladies are like the pot of gold towards men.... and to me that's a double standard..... I seems like Steve is always talking negative about males in general.

If a woman can't think of me as important just as much as I would of her, then I'm better off being single.

Ladies, do any of y'all think having a man is a very wonderful thing, or more like it's not a big deal?
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  • No he's sexist.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Steve Harvey advice , Is the standards to today's word. For example , Wait 3 months before giving a guy sex after dating , What about waiting to marriage before having sex , Not to say people will abide by it. But it's the right advice to give.

    • Steve makes it seem like a guy has to earn a woman, if it was the other way around like a guy saying a woman has to earn him, she would think he's full of himself and just walk away. That's a double standard

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    • Don't get me wrong , What I was trying to say is why say 3 months. He should just tell women to wait till marriage , I know most people want wait. But he gives the impression that if you wait at least until 3 months , The guy will respect you. That's not necessarily true , That's what I disagree with him on. But I understand where you're coming from , But Steve target is not helping men. His advice is to help women , Maybe you've a problem with him only helping women.

    • I do really... he should help both men and women and I do disagree with him on the three month rule cause that would give me a signal of her not being into me by getting that friend vibe. I'd say wait for maybe at least 1 month, which is long enough for the guy and girl to get to know each other more before they decided to take the next step.

  • I don't watch his talk show but Family Feud is hilarious!


What Guys Said 4

  • Steve Harvey is a fucking idiot.

    So basically, this guy voted for Obama simply because he was black, and he calls any black person who criticizes Obama "Uncle Tom's."

    He also calls every person who doesn't believe in God as immoral. Literally, they have absolutely no morals, and they should walk away from anyone who doesn't believe in God.

    Dude is a certified moron. And not just any kind of moron. The special kind. The dangerous kind. The kind that THINKS he's intelligent. The kind that is good at magnetizing OTHER stupid people and roping them in with his talk show.

    Dude talks a big game about God, then divorces his wife. So much for the 'holy sanctity" of marriage.

  • What is his personal relationship status? Then go from there...

  • He's on daytime TV, which is designed for a female audience. Of course he's going to pander to them.

  • Is Steve Harvey good at exaggerating things and acting out for the sake of humor? Yeah, he's a pretty funny guy in some cases.

    Is his advice good? Definitely not lol


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