EX Boyfriend posted a pic of him and another woman on FB but then deleted it?

Help me settle a arugment.

I was dating a guy for short period of time and we broke up in the middle of the GOOD part of the courtship because he decided he wanted to move away. I got pissed and unfriended him on FB but then friend requested him again. He didn't except if for a long while (a whole month). Then one day I see that he excepted my request.

3 days ago I see on my timeline that he took a picture with hand around another girl. I said okay to myself, we're not dating anymore so he can do what he wants and I let it go. A hour later I was trying to show my friend the picture and I found out he deleted it which is strange in his case.

There could be MANY reasons why he deleted that picture but my friend seems to think that he did that so I wouldn't know he was dating again incase he wanted to come back (which could be a slight possibility).

Do you think she's right?
The "omg y do you care?" crew can exit stage left.


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  • The thing is he deleted it. Only he knows if he put it up by mistake. He wouldn't know if you had seen it. You may not have had access to FB for several hours. I don't when I'm in college. I don't know if someone has posted something and then deleted it. I guess the only way you will get a true answer is to ask him outright. That might be the opening you need to get back with him if that's what you want. He may well be trying to prompt you into talking directly to him, say on phone. maybe on FB. Give it a try, you've not much to lose. Take care!!


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  • Like you said, there could be many reasons. My question to you is why you are still all in his business though, you should go with your first thought, he is single now.
    back to many reasons, your friend is kind of right, but at the same time, it could be that the girl told him to take it down. That happens too and it doesn't matter if they are dating or just friends.

  • basically since you're not together... y do u make such big fuss bout it?

    • The "omg y do you care?" crew can exit stage left.

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