Tinder: Swipe right or left?

There's a guy, I met him becaue he was friend of a friend. Last year we were matched on Tinder, he asked my number, we texted, I was not sure what I wanted so I ignored his messages when it was too late, I guess I was not cool being a booty call.

Few months later I was told that he was trying to hook up with a friend. I was like :/ and a bit mad but there was no reason so I just forgot about it.

I deleted my account last year. Recently I opened it. I kept as "friend" with this guy; last week he asked me about two other girls.

Main point: he just showed up, several (too many) times on Tinder. Should I swipe right or left? What would you do?
Could you please say "why not".
The only guy that said 'yes' explained it. Could you please share why isn't a good move to swipe right?


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  • I get sick of hearing that Tinder is a "booty call or hookup app". I have never used it that way and I have never known anyone to use it that way. I am sure it IS used that way but overall I think people think of it as that but it is not really used that way.
    I have had several dates over the last year from Tinder. I only use Tinder and POF. I had 1 date from Match but it was such a horrid site I told them to delete me and never contact me.
    So if you like him, or think you do, then you should go for it. Stop being a girl and overthinking it.


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