He cut himself a while back?

So he has been stalking me online for 5 years now. He never asked me out. His behaviour is very absurd: he copies my tweets, imitates boys i date, displays obsssion.

He tweets (on twitter) depressed stuff like "solitude gives me pain and pleasure" right after I started to write I am dating someone. I freaked out.

He cut his wrist badly under the influence of alcohol during Valentine's week last year. I wrote a lot of stuff that time on relationships.

1. Is his stalking a mental issue ?
2. Why did he not ask me out ? (he felt rejected)
3. Why did he cut himself ? Do you think he is crazy or has mental problem or its just alocohol. Do you think he does drugs ?



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  • 1. there's definitely something wrong with this guy.
    2. He scared or maybe he saw that you already had a bf
    3. depression, self esteem issues

    • he's about to get engaged and he still stalks me online and tries to flirt.

    • Ohh, he actually talks to you. I thought he was stalking from a distance or something. It pretty weird that he's engaged and still stalks you. Maybe you were his first love haha.

    • yes, he is still stalking me. what can i do to make him stop this arranged marriage thing and ask me out.

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  • All questions to ask him. Stalking isn't a "healthy" obsession, especially to the point that he seems to be doing it.

    Converse with this guy.

    And there is no way to know if he is mentally ill or dependent upon substances. It's a possibility.


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  • maybe he was really intoxicated and he didn't know what he did?


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