Girls, what is she doing and why?

Okay tried this before and this got cut out so let's try again lol. Friends introduced me to this girl they thought would match up with me well. She told me she was shy to meet people one on one (which I find weird because she does swimsuit modeling lol) so we all met up in a group. Hit it off great, very attracted to each other, great conversation and at the end of the night she kissed me. 2 weeks later we met up this past Saturday just her and I for drinks. Before we met up she said she's not looking for anything but to just hang out right now. I said no problem and we met up. Went even better than the first time, she told me I'm charming and that she loves my smile and blah blah blah lol, went to a second bar and she starts kissing me and literally had people coming up to us asking how long we had been together lol. Went back to my place and she left at 530am lol don't think I need to elaborate on that. We were talking yesterday and I asked her to hang out again and she says yes but she's going to try and resist anything happening. She kinda told me Saturday before she left that she was talking to another guy but it's nothing serious and that she's still getting over a bad breakup from about 4-5 months ago. So why is she resisting me so much? Like I said she's the one who makes the moves, like all I do is smile and she'll grab me and kiss me but then she's hesitant to go further with all of this. I even told her I'm not looking for anything serious at the moment but to just give me a chance and get to know me. I mean I assume she likes me but I never experienced this lol so what do you think ladies?
Anyone else?


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  • Well, I think she likes you a lot, but she's confused. Maybe she can't decide between you and another guy so she's experimenting? She seems like she was hurt over her last breakup, and maybe she's just trying not to get hurt again. Honestly, I think she's attached in a physical sense rather than emotionally. Also, maybe she's bipolar.

    • Lol 'maybe she's bipolar' touché. Yeah I really don't get it but as far as the physical over emotional part, she was saying I'm 'fun, entertaining, motivating and relaxing' last night so I don't get it lol and she said I'm 'charming' so I don't know.

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