Does it sound like he's not into me after he texted me this?

I went on a date on Sunday. The guy and I kissed during the date and said goodbye around 2 in the morning. He said that I should 'drop him a line' once I got back home, which I did saying I had arrived home. Around 8 am he texted me back saying 'Cool!'

Then I didn't hear from him for two days, but saw that he came online on whatsapp.

I texted him tonight saying 'Hi. Just wanted to say thanks for the other night :)' and he only replied with 'It was fun' I haven't replied back yet and don't know what else to say.

Does it sound like he isn't into me and should I move on? Or is he just playing hard to get?


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  • Sounds like he isn't interested. I'd move on.

    • True probably..

    • I'm sorry. I wish you the best. Xoxo

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