Bf has been ditching me for his friends all week. Why?

I understand not choosing me over friends but it's been a week! It's spring break and he doesn't have work or school. Most of the time I ask to hang out he isn't doing anything but watching tv or just sitting around. I would get it if they were out doing something fun but I just don't understand why he is doing this


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  • "I understand not choosing me over friends"<---- whoa... how can u be so toleant bout it? that means he's bored of u basically if he chooses a bunch of guys over u basically

    • I just know guys wanna have time with their friends sometimes and I don't want to be like too clingy ya know? , but do you really think that means he's bored of me?

    • yeah... unless he's gay basically

      which STR8 guy would choose to spend time with a bunch of dudes instead of a girl? ;-)

    • thanks1

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  • He seems to be losing interest in you.


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