Why are things so weird with him now?

So we met on tinder 2 weeks ago and have been on 4 dates. It's really pretty casual. At the end of last week, I went to his after I had a date earlier in the evening. It was like 2am so I assumed that it was pretty much just a booty call. We did hookup. I was going to leave afterwards and he said he didn't really care if I left or stayed, but he said it made most sense for me to stay. So I did. He cuddled me and held me hand all night. There was also a point when he wouldn't pass me my phone because he didn't want me reading texts from other guys. Then the next day we got the train into town together. When I left him at the station, he gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead. Since then things have been a little weird. He's not really initiating texting and is only sending really short replies to mine. Yesterday I invited him to a party this weekend and he said he'd be "very interested to see me". But that was it. He's still going on Tinder. What's going on? I felt like the last time I saw him was really nice and now he's being weird. Could he have found someone better or just have lost interest? I know it's Tinder and that it's pretty casual and not exclusive, but I finding that I actually quite like him. What's going on with him? Should I just not text him unless he texts me? How do I fix this?
How can I talk to him about it without coming on too heavy?


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  • Did he know you had been on a date earlier when you came by his?
    Anyways when you spent the night it sounds like he was all about you. It could just be that he got what he wanted and was ready to move on, but he didn't have to act like he did once he got his booty call. I'm leaning more toward he really cares for you, but doesn't know how to express himself, and is probably jealous. But it could go either way, you should just be frank and ask if he likes you more then intended, or if he's working on someone new.

    • He didn't know about the date until after I'd got to his place. If I just ask him won't it scare him off?

    • Not necessarily, I mean if he is a mature understanding guy, he will know why you are asking and either share his feelings, or give you a sick is answer that means he is dating someone else.

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  • There was also a point when he wouldn't pass me my phone because he didn't want me reading texts from other guys.

    First off, he sounds insecure. Secondly, you mentioned going to his house at 2 am after you had gone on a date with someone else that day? Don't make things too easy for him, guys like a challenge. Maybe he's not sure what to think at this point. The best way to find out what's up is to talk to him.


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  • Hmm I would confront him and just speak your mind honestly. To make this brief tho it sounds like he may have gotten all he was looking for unfortunately, however, he could just be scared to commit because of a deeper reason.


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