Is it me? Am I the reason dating never works out?

I dont know how to feel and im not sure if its because i expect too much or if its because it just didn't work out for other reasons.

So i met this guy, i really liked him and he liked me. It went great in the beginning, but slowly just turned into us just sending snaps to each other every now and then. I stoped liking/caring about him when he kinda backed off and now i go back and forth caring a lot about him answering me or not answering me, and not giving any fucks.

My friend ment that i was giving up on him because he was acting in the same way i acted towards him. Personally i felt like i did try, but maybe i didn't try hard enough. I have never dated or been in a relationship, so guess to an extent all my expectations are based on movies etc.

And i can't blame him if he didn't want to date and/or backed off. I mean im moving in 3 months and he knew i was moving the day he met i dont know if im expecting to much of his time and resorses or if we just wanted different things. I dont know what it is and it makes me feel insecure and bit deprssed since i really liked him and it didn't work out


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  • Don't take it personal. Dating is definitely a hard game to learn. Just because this didn't work out doesn't mean the next won't. What helps is to just be direct with your intentions. There are so many girls/guys on this website that listen to that stupid PUA BS thinking a guy has to initiate everything. Gender aside, you should go after what you want.

    Don't listen to the people who say it's high schoolish. Don't listen to the people who think WAY too in depth with dating. Try to correct what went wrong with this experience with the next. You could have asked if he was interested in being in a relationship. You don't have to say with yourself, but just in general. If he gave any answer besides yes, then he probably wasn't interested.


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  • It doesn't sound like your putting enough effort into it. If you put enough effort into it, it may end up meeting your high expectations, but if you would things to be perfect you have to work for it. It doesn't just happen

  • It's you..


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