Why is my boyfriend so egar to meet my parents when we've only been dating a month?

Me and my boyfriend have been (almost) dating for a month. And he's asked me 2x now about meeting my parents after our one month. Why does he want to meet them so bad?


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  • You must be one heck of a girl... thats an event most people try to avoid. Maybe he is bluffing, you should agree and see.

    • Yeah I've been trying to wait it out trust me I have lol!! But I don't know how long he's gonna want to wait... o_o

    • Thats why I said call his bluff. I bet he gets cold feet then.

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  • He's excited. He's probably thinking if your parents are anything like you, than why wouldn't he want to meet them? Also, he probably wants to do this to get to know you better and in a way, get closer to you. It's just that next step into a relationship.


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  • It's possible he is really into you and he wants your parents to like him so he can work on winning you over.


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