Is dating other people a good way to get over someone?

Is dating other people the best thing to do to get over someone? Or is it not since you may not really like the person you are dating since you still have feelings for someone else? I'm going on a date tomorrow with this guy who I am kinda interested in but at the same time I still have feelings for this other guy even though I can't ever be with him. Am I doing the right thing?


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  • You shouldn't enter into a new relationship with the idea that it will help you get over the last one. Deal with your emotions about your last relationship before getting involved with someone else. People are not tools, you should respect them, and no use them as a distraction. You can deal with a break up on your own and then enter into a new relationship when you feel ready and open to the experience, and not with someone else on your mind or in your heart.


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