How do you ask a girl out that you don't know?

Ok there is this girl that works at this store I like to go to. Beyond that, I dont know her execpt that she works there. So how would I go about in asking her out?


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  • You should phrase it as getting to know her better. For example, at the end of a conversation that you start, "I have to be somewhere soon, but you seem like a cool girl (and I like you), and I'd like to get to know you better. You free for a date sometime? (Maybe I could get your number)." And no offense, but this is a surprising question for someone your age, and I feel weird giving you advice.

    • Well I've had the shittiest luck when it come to asking women out.

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  • The same way you ask out one you do know.

  • Hey baby, wanna like, do it? - Butt Head


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