Where do women find men who only want sex?

I see so many questions here asking men if we only want sex, and then proceed to explain that the guy made them believe that they would be together long-term-wise, only to say that he gets up and leaves.

Being a man myself and clearly knowing that majority of us aren't like that, where are you finding these type of men?


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  • As far as lying... high school & a little of early college, mostly. Young dudes can be notorious for saying anything in the heat of the moment. Then, most realize it's causing drama for themselves and cut that crap.

    As far as just wanting sex... That's not really uncommon. I know even super geeky guys who slept with chicks they didn't want to commit to, despite popular belief that only a certain type does this. Instinct makes it hard for a lot of guys to turn down sex, even if he doesn't think she's wife material.

    And there's always the odd manipulator who loves power even more than getting laid, so toys with people.


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  • Oh, they meet them at the places they only attend to "hang out with the girls (LMFAO)" like clubs, bars, house parties, frat parties, etc.

    • Forgot to add trashy places like gas stations, convenience stores, tattoo parlors--places the townies hang at.

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  • Those guys are crawling and lurking everywhere, multiplying like cockroaches.

  • The church

  • You have no idea, lol. Not that you can be expected to, I mean you don't date men. Try being an attractive girl and dating men and you will be shocked what some men will say, do, and promise even when all they want to do is sleep with you...

    But of course, plenty of guys are not like that. Also, you learn to be more discerning and distinguish the genuine people from non-genuine people.

    • Discerning? Nah, it's more apt to say "judgmental." lol Chicks label me after one glance.

    • Nope, I'm sticking with discerning lol. Definitely takes more than a glance.

  • I've met a guy who was interested in me (we weren't dating) he always tried to touch me and kiss me and hint sexual things, but I wasn't being as "touchy" as he was and he ended up fucking a different girl when we were still talking and then he left her and I stopped talking to him. I've also met another guy who was interested in me and every time we hung out he really wanted to get to know me and never was trying to "get in my pants". I don't think every guy is like that, I really think its just the level of maturity.


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