Met him on a dating site, is he worth meeting?

met this guy on a dating site 20 days back. we exchanged numbers then started texting we texted for about 2 days. Then after that it stopped. Then every few days he texts to check up on me. like maybe 2 times a week. We have a flowly conversation then while talking on the phone he abruptly says ok its bed time ttyl bye. This has happened almost every time we talk. So yday he texted me saying he is coming over the weekend to my city so if we can meet up for dinner i said ok then he goes ok sounds good. then i asked him how his day was he goes good and ok bed time now ttyl bye. wtfff! I don't know is he worth meeting anymore? like he makes an effort to talk then cuts me out? is this behavior normal? what do you all suggest?
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  • Dude needs his sleep. Would you rather he just abruptly logged out without another word?

    • are you serious? you want me to go? i barely know him!

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    • LOL no way! I retract my vote now that I know the whole story. Ditch this loser.

    • yeah first he goes so i can meet you alone. then i asked him if he is coming alone or someone. then he goes oh i am coming with my sister i was like umm thats nice so she's gonna stay at the hotel while u come meet me. he goes yeah or maybe she can come with to see you. i was like ummmmmm... LOL i said i will let him know about my plans for the weekend! wtf stupid shit is this? i know even though he would come alone to see me his sister will be around and stalking us or keeping an eye. so yeah that makes it more awkward!

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What Guys Said 2

  • What's the name of the site?

  • He wants to get laid. It seems like he talks to you just to put his time in, to keep you interested then gets off as quick as possible. I'd bet after you meet, if you do, you will never hear from him or very seldom.

    A lot of guys are on dating sites just to hook up. Especially POF.

    • lol I don't know its weird i see him making an effort but everytime i try to write something he says g2g bed time ! wtf!

What Girls Said 2

  • Dont Do it!! he just wants to see you as a plan B if doesn't hook up with any girls

  • Don't do it


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