Does this boy have an interest in me?

Okay so basically I've been friends with this guy for a couple of months now and we've always just been really friendly but lately he's been acting as if he has taken and interest in me. Is he or is he just being a good friend? Here's why I think he might like me.
1. He always gets really defensive about me. (I'm in highschool by the way so the age on this profile is misleading, typo) when people pick on me or make slight cracks. Believe me, I am not harshly bullied in anyway but when I do get picked on he gets overly protective. for example today this boy was kind of teasing me and after the boy was staring at me for a while my friend got in front of me and yelled "it's rude to stare!" Like no way he's spoken before and there's also been other times when people have bumped into me and he'd yell at them. it's not like how he defends our other friends.
2. He's constantly wanting to hang out and text 24/7 . Is it friendly or is it flirty?
3. While we were skating the other night he grabbed my hand. I was already holding my other ffiends hand and when they were holding hands he wanted me to switch places with her so he could hold mine and teach me how to skate.
There has also been other signs that he likes me but these are just a few. What do you think??
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What Guys Said 1

  • Based on what you said there, to me I have zero doubt that he likes you. You should move things forward, if you feel the same way.


What Girls Said 1

  • Trust your gut and not the internet. I know your mind WANTS one answer to be true, but your GUT is almost always right. I swear it is when it comes to this.


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