What to do when your bf acts like this?

One day my boyfriend loves on me and can't get enough the next he ignores me for hours and when I finally get a answer I am so frustrated he just gets annoyed and wants me to shut up. I tell him that ignoring me makes me feel worthless and I tell him all my feelings and he just complains asking if I am done talking but yesterday I was his. Queen. I don't know what to do I am so fed up I think I am going to have to leave him. I don't feel stable. I don't know how to get him to take me seriously that this behavior isn't okay and he will lose me. When I ask if he is afriad he will lose me he says no. But I just can't do it. What do I do why does he act like this. I thought ab ignoring him all week so he can see I am serious and what life without me looks like. However tonight he told me he can go a day without hearing from me. Who does that in a relationship? Help !!!


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  • You can't control his behaviour, all you can do is determine whether you accept it or not, and decide how you will respond. If you aren't satisfied with the relationship, then end it, don't stay in it hoping for things to change or being resentful towards him for his behaviour.

    • Your right he won't change the decision is mine thanks

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  • Totally get where you're coming from--still trying to figure it out. Good luck. I wouldn't attempt a sort of ultimatum, though. If it works it doesn't last long.

  • i think he is not treating you right. i think you should just leave hi and move on. if he loved you and cared about you he would treat you right

    • Yeah he used to always treat me right and now he thinks he has me and he doesn't I love him but I know what's best for me

    • i been there and it sucks

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