Is it normal to not feel like you're no longer single?

Me and this guy, we've basically been dating but not "officially" so we acted like it in some ways whilst being single.
We've discussed going out and being "old fashioned" I waited for him to ask me out. He admitted he was scared but not sure why.
His friends have been on at him for weeks to ask me out but I said to him do it in his own time, so yesterday he finally asked me out and obviously I said yes.
But because nothing is gonna change, it still hasn't fully hit me that we're going out.

Is this normal?


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  • Agreeing to date doesn't automatically increase intimacy. It is almost like a fake it till you make it thing. Now when guys ask you out, you should say no you have a boyfriend, but it will take a while before you feel like you have one because relationships take time to grow.

  • Personally, I think that it is an adorable story. AWWW. But back on topic, I think that it's great that it feels nothing has really changed, then nothing will be awkward and you won't have the pressure of being his girlfriend. You won't feel pressured into doing anything and its great that it will be the same. Trust me, you don't want to be in a relationship where you jump from being just friends and doing nothing to suddenly being together and not it being a complete change and awkward. I hope your relationship lasts too :)


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