Two amazing dates, last text (7 days ago) was he was looking forward to seeing me now I see he's 'In a Relationship' on Facebook?

Met a lovely man online, had 2 incredible dates, very gentlemanly, generous and attentive. Seemed humble & slightly shy & insecure at first. We talked about our past marriages, relationships etc,.. we seemed to really hit it off, we hadn't been intimate. I was going away for 5 days & after I told him, he then invited me on a trip he was going on a few weeks later. He was very insistent & hopeful that I go with him. I felt it was abit soon and ddin't commit to it. He didn't ask me who I was going with on my trip and by the way I just went with a girlfriend. Before I left I even made a joke that if he hadn't been snapped up I was looking forward to seeing him when I got back.
When I got back (a week ago) I texted him & he texted back to say he had a big project at work but hopefully it would be finished by the weekend (last weekend) and he was really looking forward to seeing me. I wrote back & said me too, keep me posted. Guess what? haven't heard from him since even though I sent a funny/flirty text on Sunday that didn't require a response. Last night I looked at his profile on Facebook and his status says 'In a Relationship'. I'm in shock. he had just befriended this girl 4 days ago???? We never talked about FB or befriending eachother....What gives & why would he be in a relationship so quickly. I didn't think men were that speedy at telling the world they're taken. Also, looks like he rarely goes on there or posts anything....Maybe she put it on there...I give up understanding or trusting anything anymore...He was the one that wanted to keep our dates going so he could get to know me more....?


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  • You're over 45. o. O

    • Yes and he's 51 and his new lady/friend is 50. What is your point?

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  • Ask him~~~~~~


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