I asked a girl if she wanted to hangout through fb and she said yes but she never gave me her number, so should I wait or message her again?

I asked if she wanted to hang out on fb and she said sure but then when I asked send her to send me her number she hasn't replied after one whole day. Should I say hi and ask for it again or just wait longer?

How do I know if Im being to pushy?


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  • Well, worst case scenario she just agreed to hang out in order to get you off her back. But she also may have just gotten busy and forgot to reply. You should wait a few days, and then strike up a normal conversation. If she seems to be interested in talking to you, you should lead up to asking for her number again. If she dips out on the conversation again, it's most likely because she doesn't want to give it to you and thinks you're being too pushy :( but think positive! It could very well likely be that she just got busy and is waiting until she talks to you again.


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