Should he be walking in front of me?

My boyfriend of a year walks in front of me when were on campus almost as if I'm not there. I think it's too far of a stretch to say that he's looking for other women. However, it does really bother me. It makes me feel like I am not respected. Is it ok for your man to walk 6 paces in front of you?


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  • You are over thinking things, and reading too much into his actions. I suspect he just walks faster than you do. Men generally have a wider stride than women, so we cover more ground in a single step. Other people just naturally walk faster. Stop reading into things that aren't there.

    It is irritating when someone walks super slow and expects you to walk as slow as they do. Would it be fair of him to accuse him of not respecting him for walking at the pace that is comfortable to you? Asking him to slow down to your natural speed is just as disrespectful as him telling you to speed up to his natural speed, to prove you respect him.


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  • I find it rude and crude tha the 'Walks in front of me' here, dear, and it is probably because he doesn't want anyone to think you are a twosome and Yes------As if I'm not there.
    If you stand for this, you will always be expected to stoop to whatever poop he throws in your direction. If he is doing this with a Fast step, then the Next 'Step' he may be pulling behind your back as well, is Not Explaining you to anyone 'On campus' or... Off.
    Good luck. xx


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  • There are some Asian cultures where the man always walks in front. In your case I would say what there is some issue somewhere, even if it is minor.
    A bf of one year should be walking with you arm in arm or holding hands. He might have one arm round your shoulder or waist.
    Think you need to talk gently to him and let him know it makes you unhappy the way he walks ahead. It might just uncover what the real issue is.
    Take care!!

  • lol i take quite long strolls so often i m leading it is something that i can't help and i think thats the same case with yr boyfriend
    talk to him about it and im sure he will clear it

    • He claims that he just walks fast. He was going to meet a girl in his class to work on a project, and I said that I would just go to the coffee shop. And I left after I got my coffee, and he jokingly said that he was just going to walk out and leave me once this girl got there. I feel like it may have been a power move, but when I express my feelings he like acts like I'm crazy.

    • relax, he is just messing with u
      he is totally in to you stop overthinking such tiny little things or you will end up loosing him

  • I think he should make an effort not to do it, principally if he's the kind of person who walks fast (I walk fast, so I know what I'm talking about xD). Have you talked to him about it?

    • I walk fast, but maybe not as fast as him. When I see him like sprinting off I usually just slow down because it really makes me feel like he doesn't want to be seen with me. Earlier that day I talked to him about making me feel more appreciated and wanted. To which he made excuses. So when I brought up his fast paced walk, he just made excuses. I just have a really bad feeling about him now. I mean if you really respected, and loved your partner wouldn't you walk next to them?

    • I agree with you, I'd walk next to a girlfriend of mine. I think you have reasons to be worried after what you've told me now. Just keep watching his behavior, not only in walking in front of you but in all the other things.

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  • I know I walk fast, and it just kind of happens that I'm walking in front of whoever I'm with. Someone brought it up to me once and I realized what I was doing, so I made a conscious effort to stop. It is disrespectful to whoever you're with, so you should talk to him about it just to see why he does this.


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